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Rocketbook core vs fusion vs wave and beyond !

We're sharing our Rocketbook Love! Let's boldly explore sustainable writing that's always with you, whatever orbit you're in. 

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Rocketbook Love

Mission Summary

We're a bunch of ordinary people with uncommon, some may say "out-of-this-world" skills, made possible because we own a Rocketbook (or a fleet of them). If you are looking for information on the best cloud connected notebook in this and other galaxies, then you've come to the right place. Of course we want you to share in our love by joining our community and sharing your best tips. If you are considering how to get started, then consider this your mission summary. Let's blast off together....10-9-8-7.......1! 

The Best Rocketbook Notebooks

Let's take a tour of all the different types of notebooks first.

The Right Planners for Your Mission

OK, you're the planning type. We will share what we like about all the planners, and some things we'd like to change for the future.

Other-Worldly Tools

Redefine productivity with these out-of-this world tools.

Paper Problem Solved

Here are a few reasons why Rocketbook's hybrid paper/cloud solution is the right solution for modern writing, right now.

portable and outdor ready

Portable & Outdoor Ready

Pack your Rocketbook and take it with you anywhere you go. To the beach, mountains, and everywhere in between. Never worry about being able to view a small screen in sunlight. Record your thoughts, then upload to the cloud for viewing anytime.

full battery

Unlimited Battery Life

Your Rocketbook will never run out of batteries. It's even difficult to burn. Write, record, and upload any idea that comes to mind.


Durable, Lightweight

It's super lightweight, foldable, and durable. Where can you take your Rocketbook you ask? Anywhere!



No special eraser is needed. Of course, there is a special cloth included with each one, but in a pinch you can use a sponge, water, an old t-shirt or just about anything. Take a damp cloth to your writing to wipe it clean.

digitize your life

Digitize your Life

Stop filing endless amounts of paper notes. Write what you need, then upload it where you can search for your thoughts and ideas easily.

sustainable living

Sustainable Living

Let the trees live long lives, and switch to reusable, erasable paper that you can convert into digital assets. Isn't that what sustainable living is all about? Let's leave our world better for future generations.

makes you smarter

Makes You Smarter

Studies show that when you transcribe notes with paper & pen, you retain information longer, and it actually facilitates learning. Stop that noisy typing that distracts everyone and make your notes wake up your brain!

saves you money

Easy on Your Wallet

For less than a weeks' worth of latte's, you can have your very own Rocketbook to have, hold, and care for are you ignite new ideas that are outta this world!

sort your life

Stay Organized

Of course, you will stay better organized! The rocketbook app encourages you to set filing rules for your life.  The end result will help you from hunting for that lost sheet of paper, or the note you can't find. Stay organized with your own  Rocketbook.

And many more!

Get Started

Tune into some of the success stories

People like you using their Rocketbook to make the world better everyday

Rocketbook allows me to help explain concepts individually, and tailor learning to encompass multiple styles. It's much more inclusive and facilitates deep learning. If you haven't brought this tool to your classroom yet, you owe it to students to do it today.

Tony K.

5th Grade Science Teacher

I was drowning trying to organize my research until Rocketbook came along. I had so many inputs to my work, and this is the only solution I've found to unify them all. From the classroom whiteboard to online research and everything in between, I know have all my angles covered.

Priti M.

PhD Candidate

When I'm listening to executives share their problems, I have to be in the moment with them. Rocketbook lets me take notes while staying engaged. I never miss a beat because I just snap the notes, erase, and keep moving.   

Toni I.

Leadership Coach